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After you are seated, your Gauchos dining card will be placed on the Red side and you will begin your meal with our delicious salad bar. We offer several homemade salad options, such as a traditional house salad, a tomato and cheese insalata, a delicious blend of peppers, a cucumber salad, pasta salad, and an exquisite pineapple salad that offers the perfect fusion of sweet and tangy flavors. Each salad has its own distinct flavor, with fresh ripe vegetables and fruits and dressings that accent the tastes rather than overpower them.

For individuals who prefer to create their own salad, Gauchos offers a wide selection of choices to suit individual preferences. Don't forget to try the savory Brazilian cheese bread while you're filling your plate. The refreshing taste of the fresh vegetables and fruits cleanses your palate and prepares you for the flavors of the main course.

 Although you'll want to sample all the flavors offered in the starting menu, you have to save room because you must turn your Gauchos dining card to the Green side: it's time for the main course, the meats!


The way we cook our meat, churrasco (shoo-rhas'co) style, is inspired by the gaucho ranchers who would wait for their wood burning fires to turn into golden embers, and then skewer and slowly cook their meat to perfection.